Life Transitions

Artist: Judith Barr

Dreaming about making changes can be exciting and rewarding. It can also be scary, confusing, overwhelming and very lonely.

I can help if you are feeling stuck and: 

  • Dissatisfied with your life and don’t know where or how to start moving forward
  • Searching for meaning in your life
  • Agonizing about a family member who is floundering
  • Saying "Is this all there is?" when you've reached your life goals
  • Unable to find an appropriate balance between work and personal commitments
  • Feeling stuck with no idea about how to move forward
  • Facing a major life milestone, like retirement, widowhood, empty nest, divorce and other significant transitions

I can help you get unstuck, make a plan and change your life in healthy and satisfying ways.

Because my style is highly collaborative, you don’t need to feel alone as you explore your choices, make decisions and adapt to a new way of living.

About My Experience

I have dealt with all of the above and more in my personal life and as a professional – job changes, relocation, returning to school, raising a family, learning to make choices, adapting to and surviving disappointments and loss.

Because I’ve “been there, done that,” I know how important support, understanding, perspective and practical problem-solving is for you. 
My approach is a seamless blend of clinical skills and coaching expertise, a non-pathologizing and strength-based collaboration that focuses on solving problems, not diagnosing "unhealthy mental conditions".

What Jeanne G. says about me:
Barb has been very helpful as I explore what opportunities I have for the next stage of my life.  She combines being extremely supportive with a sharp focus on what is practical in my situation.  She asks useful questions and really listens to the answers.  She is kind and thoughtful.   I recommend her with pleasure to anyone serious about wanting a coach to both listen and give candid feed back. 

Would you like a consultation or more information? 

​Contact me through email at 

We’ll set up a time to talk to make sure we’ll work well together.