Building a family business is like what you need for a successful construction project: - hard work, a common goal and a plan. When your family works together with those ingredients, exciting things can happen.  

But when your business and family life seem tangled up, a volatile mix of emotions, money and entrenched roles can make the business suffer and damage family relationships.

I draw on both my extensive HR corporate consulting experience and marriage and family therapy skills to advise you on the interpersonal dynamics in your family business.

Major changes in the business?

  • Dealing with the emotional impact of selling a business
  • Struggling with succession planning
  • Arguing with a partner about the direction of the business
  • Trying to decide to sell or stay

Problems with day-to-day operations?

  • Generational differences in work styles that interfere with running your business
  • Dealing with a family member employee who is not productive
  • Acting like a referee instead of an executive
  • Getting behind in the marketplace because of an outdated management style
  • Worried about a family member in the business who may want to leave
  • Feeling stuck in a business you don’t you want in your future

About My Experience

I understand how complicated navigating the mixing of personal and professional concerns in your business can be.

I understand because I:

  • Grew up in a family business
  • Worked as a human resources manager and consultant in the corporate world
  • Advise family business participants in many settings and situations
  • Have extensive training and experience as a marriage and family therapist that enhance my understanding of families in business
  • Have worked in the corporate world and understand business from a business-like perspective

I can help your business resolve interpersonal challenges that can undermine the well-being of your family and the success of the business.

My family business consulting has included:

  • Strategizing with owners about the interpersonal challenges in the business
  • Meeting with family members to address the often-intense feelings that interfere with effective management
  • Coaching clients about navigating conflicts in the business that disrupt family functioning
  • Consulting with a variety of family businesses regarding conflictual relationships, succession planning and a range of human resources policies and procedures
  • Meeting with partners disagreeing about how to run the business
  • Facilitating management meetings and retreats

What Brian B. Says about Me:

Tenuous relations and communication regarding the family business were causing real pain.  We were able to work with Barb to form a foundation that we continue to improve upon today.  The unique insight and feedback she provided were really effective. 

Family Business


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