Emotional Impact of Money

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Money is part of all our lives, and can be a source of tremendous tension, conflict and worry. Even for those with significant assets, money can  make life easy in some ways,  but much more difficult in other ways. Regardless of how many zeros we have on our balance sheet, navigating money issues in relationships can be enormously complicated, and often lead to chronic tension and distrust in our closest relationships.

For Parents or Grandparents 
Are you searching for ways to: 

  • Avoid the negative impact money can on your children and grandchildren?
  • Create a wholesome money and values legacy for future generations?
  • Influence how your heirs will think about money and work?
  • Reduce the likelihood of family conflict about money?
  • Build a commitment to philanthropy in your family?

For Individuals and Couples

Are you struggling with: 

  • The role of money in your life, and in the lives of those you care about?
  • Balancing freedom and responsibility in a privileged life?
  • Feeling isolated in dealing with money matters?
  • Adjusting to and planning for sudden wealth?
  • The financial changes divorce brings to families?
  • Being sure money is a tool for good now and in the future?
  • The complicated emotions associated with significant wealth?
  • Finding purpose and meaning in work?
  • Raising productive children and grandchildren in a life of privilege?
  • Planning for life after the sale of a business?

I can help.

About My Experience

I am a particularly useful resource for those with relationships challenged by financial conflict because I know that:

  • Money can add great complexity to the lives of individuals, couples and families.
  • My membership in the Financial Therapy Association reflects my ability to provide sophisticated counseling about money and relationships.
  • High net worth individuals and families have many of the challenges and problems faced by those with more modest means.

I am a neutral, knowledgeable resource to help you and your family work through challenging personal and professional issues wealth can create.

Together we strategize about practical solutions to the problems that are even more complicated because of money.    

What Elaine Says about Me
Barbara was always available to my husband and myself to help us deal with painful issues that arose from the loss of a family member, and the sudden wealth we inherited.  Empathetic, intuitive and responsive, Barb is very experienced, with deep insight.  She has been kind and highly professional in guiding us to viable solutions for ourselves and our children. She is open, warm and trustworthy.  We would not hesitate to recommend Barb.