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For Couples on the Brink of Divorce

Are you or your spouse:

  • Considering divorce but not completely sure that’s the best path?
  • Leaning toward divorce, while the other wants to try one more time to save the marriage?
  • Trying to decide whether to stay married, move toward divorce or work in couples’ therapy with divorce off the table?

For couples like you, traditional couples’ counseling often doesn’t work. You need a different kind of help.

Staying in the marriage or not, you need to understand your contribution to the problems or you'll probably repeat the same patterns again.

Discernment  Counseling is a designed specifically for couples like you:

  • Helps you see if your marital problems are solvable
  • Focuses on understanding what each of you has contributed to the challenges in your marriage
  • Avoids the blame game that gets you nowhere

As a Certified Discernment Counselor, I can help you both decide in 5-6 sessions if your marriage can be fixed. 

Divorce Coaching For Individuals and Couples

Divorce raises so many difficult questions:

  • Can I get through this crisis?
  • How can I accept accept that the marriage is over?
  • What’s best way to help my children?
  • How can we co-parent well?
  • What team of advisors do I need to guide me through this process?

Divorce provokes powerful emotions - hurt, anger, fear, grief, guilt, resentment, ambivalence and many others.

As I've worked with those dealing with divorce, I have learned how important coaching after the decision is made to help couples or individuals work through the complex emotional and practical challenges divorce inevitably creates both for them and for their children.

As a Divorce Coach, I can provide the emotional support and down-to-earth advice to help you during the  divorce, and create a new healthy life for yourself.

I have a broad perspective on the wide range of divorce issues and can help you and your partner, or you alone work through the emotional issues that divorce provokes - help you get a "good divorce" and avoid the turmoil and pain a "bad divorce" inflicts on the whole family.

About My Experience

I have worked with women and men trying to decide about the future, navigate the complexities of divorce and build a new life for themselves. I offer support, compassion and practical advice throughout the entire process.

I co-authored a comprehensive activity book focused on divorce that provides step-by-step guidance on every aspect of the end of a committed relationship.  Writing this book - Breaking Up Is Hard to Do - has given me an in-depth understanding of every aspect of divorce, such as:

  • Deciding whether to stay or go
  • Helping children cope with these dramatic changes
  • Building a new single life
  • Managing the practical aspects (money, lawyers, tax considerations)
  • Avoiding after-divorce traps

What Jenny L. Says about Me:
My sessions with Barb have been an immense help in dealing with my divorce, my anger at my husband, my grief at the loss of our life together and my fear of a life without him. 

Barb helped me tap my inner strength to get through the divorce, find my confidence, set boundaries with my ex, help my children through this difficult transition, and look forward to a happy life.


Artist: Judith Barr