The value of money is not just about the amount. ~ Barbara Feinberg


Help for High Net Worth Families

Barbara FeinbergSignificant wealth has an enormous impact on individuals and families, whether earned or inherited. Your well-being and that of your family depends on understanding the emotional impact of wealth. At times of transition – divorce, marriage, widowhood, retirement – integrating substantial assets into a “new normal” is particularly challenging.

I am a life coach/psychotherapist specializing in the emotional impact of wealth. I can help you and your family members find ways to make your financial resources part of a meaningful life. We can work to:

  • Resolve family conflict around a variety of issues including the transfer of wealth to heirs
  • Deal with separation, divorce, widowhood
  • Navigate relationship challenges in a family business
  • Find your purpose in a privileged life
  • Adjust to sudden wealth
  • Develop a consensus on family charitable goals
  • Create a philanthropic legacy

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Would you like a consultation or more information? I welcome your inquiries at 216-390-6832, or you can contact me online via email.

Barbara Feinberg, LISW-S, IMFT, LCSW
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